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The Protective Coatings Specialist and Polyurea: The Sequence of Events (Primeaux Story)
By Dudley J. Primeaux II, PCS, CCI
(JPCL September 2012 / paintsquare.com)
Equipment Operation (29pages)
Dudley J. Primeaux II, Primeaux Associates LLC
Polyurea Elastomer Technology: History, Chemistry & Basic Formulating Techniques 
Dudley J. Primeaux II, Primeaux Associates LLC
Hydrophobic Polyurea Coatings
2016 PDA Annual Conference
New UV/Color Stable Spray Aliphatic Polyurea Coating Technology
2011 PDA-Europe Annual Conference
Polyurea Spray-Applied Systems for Concrete Protection
2003 Pain & Coatings Industry
Update and Overview of Polyurea Spray Technology
Polyurea Presentation
VIP Germany
Pure Polyurea vs Hybrid Polyurea / Polyurethanes / Epoxies
2011 VIP Germany
2008 PDA-Europe Annual Conference
8 Things to Know About Polyurea Coatings
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